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//our good friend Mario aka Telescope Thieves just released this single, enjoy~ ◖(´▽`)◗ ♪♬ //

Telescope Thieves’ single, “Gaslamp (ft. Bijou) off his upcoming record, “Elixir”, an 8-chapter LP that tells the story of a man whose lust for cradling the world’s powers extends beyond that of human control, and to that of the universe.

Sounds like: The wretched heart of a widow, taking shape like the walking stick that holds her lonely. Pinned with a lamp by her visage, light cradles the elixir that her lover long lost once loved, just like herself, so long ago.”

We wanted to show you what we’re working on. //̩͙͍̤/̶̣̫͚ ͈̪͓͇̪̕ͅs͡t̘̙̥̜a͔̣n͚͉͍͉̟̻db̠͇͢y ̘͇̰̦/̲/̫̜̟̰̳

1st demo  →

I remember when Chris sent me this video, we had just recruited sylvano and had Fred on board for whatever we were planning on doing.

From the moment I hit eyes (and ears) lit up, and i couldnt help but replay the crap demo they sent, and i say that in the nicest way but seriously it’s just distortion.

Point is…I knew that I wanted to make music with these guys. I got the courage to get a kit, then got the courage to form a band. Even though I’ll always feel like a novice, i’m never discouraged…cause there’s always something new to learn.

TL;DR we are working on new material, I had a nostalgia moment. Never give up.